Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers, also known as peptic ulcers, are a common and painful ailment. They are a result of a small break in the inner lining of the stomach. Ulcers form due to a number of reason - faulty diets (processed foods, fried and spicy foods), alcohol, nicotine, and stress. They may also be a result of some other underlying condition. The digestive tract comprises of the esophagus, the stomach, the duodenum, which is the first part of your intestines, and the intestines. These sores are commonly found in the duodenal and are known as duodenal ulcers. When they occur in the stomach, they are referred to as gastric or stomach ulcers. In some individuals, they form in the esophagus and are known as esophageal ulcers. These crater-like sores generally range anything from ¼ inch to about ¾ of an inch. In some cases, they could be as large as 1 to 2 inches.

Symptoms of stomach ulcer include abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea and vomiting. The conventional stomach ulcer remedy is prescribed antibiotics. This course of treatment often leads to harsh side effects, causing many to opt for alternative stomach ulcer remedies. Most people suffering from stomach ulcers may just have some stomach pain, which in some cases could be severe and sharp. Others do not have any kind of symptoms. However, those suffering from ulcers may have other related health problems. In cases where the ulcers have become too deep, they could bleed or perforate. Bleeding stomach ulcer symptoms could be that you vomit blood and blood passes through your stools. Sometimes, ulcers could block food from moving through your stomach. It is best you get help if you have symptoms such as vomiting blood, vomiting food consumed about a couple of hours ago or a few days ago, you feel clammy or cold, you feel dizzy or weak, you pass blood through your stools, keep losing weight, and if the pain does not go away despite medication.

Stomach ulcers are not restricted to only men and women but are found in children as well, and to find an appropriate cure one needs to know the causes of stomach ulcers. So what causes stomach ulcers? The main cause of stomach ulcers is the damage caused to the mucosal lining (intestinal or gastric) of the stomach due to the hydrochloric acid that is present in the stomach's digestive juices. Those infected with the Helicobacter pylori bacterium are also more prone to duodenal and gastric ulcers. Some other causes of stomach ulcers include the continual use of medications that have anti-inflammatory properties and cigarette smoking.

Alternative Stomach Ulcer Remedies

Stomach ulcer natural remedies work towards repairing and energizing the body in an effort to help the body heal itself. Stomach ulcer treatment can be done at home naturally by following a proper diet. A fiber-rich diet helps provide protection against ulcers. Make sure you follow a stomach ulcer diet that includes legumes, vegetables, fruits and whole grains that help produce certain substances that protect your stomach lining. Avoiding foods that are spicy is another way to control the formation of ulcers. Healing stomach ulcers naturally by consuming fresh cabbage juice is also possible. The amino acid produced on consuming cabbage juice leads to an increased blood flow to the stomach's lining and helps strengthen it. Home remedies for stomach ulcers usually focus on strengthening and protecting the stomach lining against acids.

There are many stomach ulcer remedies that one can easily practice at home.Some of the more common home remedies for stomach ulcer include:

  • Cabbage Juice- raw cabbage is a popular home remedy for stomach ulcer. It is known to produce an amino acid which helps boost blood flow to the stomach lining. This in turn helps strengthen the stomach lining and heal the ulcer. Consuming carrot and cabbage juice is another effective way of curing stomach ulcers.
  • Honey- raw honey is a common stomach ulcer natural remedy. Raw honey has potent healing properties. When ingested, it attacks bacteria and strengthens the stomach lining. You could include it in your daily meals or have it at regular intervals by spreading it on wheat bread or mixed grain bread. It helps reducing any inflammation in your stomach and also keeps allergies and diseases at bay.
  • Banana- Eating bananas is a great way of neutralizing the hyperacidity in the stomach that is caused by the gastric juices. For those who do not like eating bananas, you can consume them in the form of banana milkshakes. Therefore the most accessible home remedy for stomach ulcer is Banana. The fruit is known to protect the system by negating the acidity of gastric juices, reducing inflammation and strengthening the stomach lining.
  • Fenugreek Leaves- Fenugreek leaves when brewed are an effective home remedy for stomach ulcer. Fenugreek contains a compound called mucilaginous, this coats and protects the stomach lining and helps the body to heal from the ulcer.
  • Wood Apple- Extracts from wood apple leaves also help to reduce pain and inflammation. Soak some wood apple leaves in water and leave overnight. The following day, strain and drink the water.
  • Fiber and Citrus rich diets- the simplest home remedy for stomach cancer is incorporating citrus and fiber-rich foods in your diet. While the former help in the digestion process, the latter protect the stomach lining.
  • Herbs like slipper elm and golden seal root are also effective remedies. They reduce inflammation and fight off the bacteria. Mixing a pinch of cayenne pepper with a glass of water also does the trick.
  • Another effective stomach ulcer treatment is drinking sugarless cold milk, which helps reduce acid formation and thus provides relief from the burning sensation that one usually encounters in stomach ulcers.
  • Another beneficial way of treating stomach ulcers is the application of a hot pack on the abdominal region.
  • Drinking raw goat milk is also an effective method for treating peptic ulcers. To obtain best results, it is important that you drink this milk regularly.
  • Consuming the juice of five blanched almonds daily helps bind the acids present in your stomach and also provides the required amount of protein to strengthen the stomach's lining.
  • Lime is also extremely beneficial in curing ulcers. The mineral salts and citric acid that is present in lime helps treat the problem. Make sure you include lime juice in salads or drink lime juice
  • Spinach and carrot juice when combined with and cabbage juice mixed together is also useful in treating peptic ulcers.
  • Make a paste mixing around 10 grams of drumstick leaves with water. To this paste add some yoghurt (½ cup) and have this on a regular basis.
  • Effective home remedies for duodenal ulcers include drinking dandelion or chamomile tea. Drink this tea at regular intervals twice a day. It not only cleans your internal system but also clears any bacteria. These teas are extremely effective in healing any type of infection.
  • Fruits rich in vitamin A such as watermelon, oranges, peaches and blackberries also cut down the risk of duodenal cancer. You could either eat the whole fruit or consume its juices.

It is essential to consult a doctor before combining home remedies for stomach ulcer with conventional treatment.

Benefits of these home remedies

Antibiotics are strong and come with side effects. Stomach ulcer natural remedies are gentler on the body; they are safe and cause little or no side effects. Home remedies are also cheaper and easily available.

Stomach ulcer natural remedies aim towards preventing, controlling and curing the ulcer; they heal not just the symptom but the root problem ensuring long term relief and a healthier lifestyle.

Lastly, drink as much water as possible as it helps dilute the acid that is there in your stomach and restricts any further damage to your intestine. Avoid packaged and junk food as they contain preservatives that can aggravate the situation. Also make sure you restrict your intake of hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Stop drinking carbonated water as well as cold drinks. Avoid getting stressed as much as possible as it aggravates peptic ulcers. Certain yoga postures such as the palm tree pose are also considered to be extremely beneficial in treating patients suffering from stomach ulcers.