May 11, 2010

Treatment and Causes of Foot Ulcer

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A very large percentage of the world’s population suffers from ulcers. There are various kinds of ulcers that affect people including stomach ulcers, leg ulcers and foot ulcers besides many others. Foot ulcers can be very painful and if not treated correctly can deteriorate and thus intensify the problem. The best way to help a person get cured from this condition is to first find out what is the root cause of this painful condition. Ulcers have been linked medically with a lowered or weakened immune system. Foot ulcers are also linked with various eczema and diabetes, besides being linked with rheumatoid arthritis and also hypertension. If a person gets a bacterial or a viral infection in that area it can really worsen the problem. Ulcers are also known to occur due to poor circulation of blood to that area of the skin.


A foot ulcer has been often described as an arterial ulcer. It this case there is no bleeding really as in an arterial ulcer. The base of the skin becomes brown, yellow, black or grey. It is often accompanied by redness and swelling especially if there is an irritation or an infection that has set in. Those who are diabetic may suffer from a variation of an ulcer that is called as neurotrophic ulcer. The percentage of those who suffer from diabetes and their chances of getting foot ulcers is about 15 percent. Foot ulcers normally occur when the foot rubs against socks or bed sheets or any other objects that it comes into prolonged or continuous contact with. It is most commonly noticed on the toes and the heels. At times when a toenail causes the nearby skin to tear or cut it could result in the formation of an ulcer. Ulcers could even result from an overgrown toe nail. Hence practicing proper foot hygiene or medically treating an over grown or an in grown toenail could help in reducing this problem of foot ulcers. At times conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease or even renal failure can be other causes of these foot ulcers occurring. Hence, controlling these conditions by taking the correct medication can help in curing the problem of foot ulcers. There are various kinds of shoes that have been designed especially keeping this condition in mind. Those who suffer from the condition of neuropathy are very likely to develop this condition of foot ulcers. This is because their nerves get damaged in their feet and legs hence causing them to lose sensation. Thus if they stand on a stone or get cut by a sharp piece of glass they may not even be aware of this happening. Neglect can then cause this open wound to form in to a painful foot ulcer. Hence one should wear proper and safe footwear all the time as well as abstain from walking bare feet.