Hemorrhoids Remedies

Home remedies have the most effective cure to treat hemorrhoids and the irritation that accompanies it. Hemorrhoids are caused due a number of reasons like poor diet and insufficient exercise. There are several other reasons that could lead to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids affect the anus and the rectum. It may also lead to bleeding and can prove to be painful. There are various herbs which not only provide relief from these painful symptoms but treat hemorrhoids as well. Many people are opting for herbal remedies due the high number of positive results.

Herbal Remedies

The herbs like chamomile and horse chestnut are the most popular hemorrhoids herbal cure. Chamomile herb can be administered in the form of tea. It soothes and relieves hemorrhoids pain. However make sure you take proper doses of this herb. Horse chestnut is also a very effective herb used to treat hemorrhoids. This herb is believed to strengthen blood vessels and thereby treat hemorrhoids. It also lowers the itching and burning sensation that is caused by hemorrhoids. You can apply this herb directly to the affected parts to speed up the healing process. Both these herbs are thus very effective in treating hemorrhoids and thus are preferred by many people.

Comfrey powder and Plantain powder too, act as hemorrhoids herbal remedy. You can use plantain herb along with oil. Either form a paste or apply it directly to the affected part. Comfrey powder helps in reducing the size of external hemorrhoids and also controls swelling and inflammation. You can mix this comfrey powder with olive oil and rub it on the affected parts. This really helps you to get rid of the itchy sensation and provides you instant relief. But again make sure that you take these herbs in rights amounts for better results.

Certain herbal creams and pastes help to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. You can consult your doctor before using any of these creams. The herb Butcher’s broom also shows positive results while treating hemorrhoids. It helps immensely in the healing process and relieves you of pain. The Bilberry and Balberry herbs also help in reducing symptoms of hemorrhoids.  Make sure that the herbs you use are suitable to your body and do not further lead to other symptoms. It is extremely necessary to use the right type of herb in the correct quantity. However, if the symptoms persist and you continue to bleed then you should consult your doctor first without wasting any time. Nonetheless, it would be safe to say that hemorrhoids herbal remedies are the safest when it comes to assuaging the symptoms of this ailment.