Herbal Remedies for Herpes

Herpes is a viral disease that may manifest itself in the form of oral outbreaks or genital outbreaks. Many patients use herbal remedies for herpes to gain relief from this contagious disease. The herpes virus spreads if the affected area comes in contact with healthy skin. The genital herpes spreads through sexual contact. At present, there is no cure for herpes. However there are certain herbs which effectively control this virus from spreading and deal with herpes symptoms.

The herb known as Echinacea is used as herpes herbal cure owing to the fact that it is believed to have medicinal properties which help in treating disease. However, you need to take this herb after periodic intervals to ensure maximum results. You can also have this herb in the form of tea. This herbal tea is very useful in controlling herpes. Another herb which proves to be very effective is the Chamomile herb. You can have this herb in the tea form as well. Apart from this, Passion flower, Nettle and Oat straw also prove to be helpful as herbal remedies for herpes.

One of the most effective herpes herbal remedies includes herbs like Burdock root, Melissa. Aloe Vera and Tea tree oil also prove to be helpful. However before you use any of these herbs, make sure to consult a doctor before taking any of these cures. Cloves and licorice are also very beneficial in dealing with herpes. Lemon balm is another herpes herbal cure. You can apply lemon balm to the affected areas and let the healing process begin. St. John's wort is a very effective herb which shows positive results. Papain is another herb which is useful in treating herpes. These herbs can also be taken in the form of tea which makes it easier.

Herpes herbal cure includes the herbs Prunella Valgaris and Siberian Ginseng which are known for their ability to combat herpes. These herbs specially help in dealing with symptoms like irritation and pain that accompany herpes. These herbs are very effective to get rid of such symptoms. Clove oil is yet another useful way of treating herpes. Cayenne is an herb that can work as an excellent medicine in treating herpes. So make sure you use these herbs to treat any kind of symptoms associated with herpes. You can also grind these herbs to form a paste and then apply this paste on the affected areas.

Thus many herbal remedies for herpes are available in the form of complementary medicines which are being used by many people today.