Home Remedies for Bladder Infection

The various bladder infection remedies primarily aim at controlling the infection from spreading further. Bladder infections involve all the infections of the urinary tract and scores of people suffer from such infections. The severity of these infections varies from person to person. There are several reasons that lead to bladder infections. kidney stones and prostate diseases are the two leading causes that lead to the development of infections in the urinary tract. It is believed that antibiotic treatments are very helpful in treating any kind of bladder infections.

Although antibiotics may be recommended as probable bladder infection remedies, they may prove to be too harsh and can cause many side effects. As a result, the herbal remedies for bladder infections may be prescribed in place of strong medications. These herbal remedies help in controlling the infection. Cranberry juice is believed to cure any sort of bladder infection. The bacterium which gets accumulated in the urinary tract is cleared with the help of the cranberry juice. You can have a glass of cranberry juice in the morning. In addition to these there are other herbs like marshmallow root, goldenseal and corn silk that act as potential medicines to treat bladder infections.

The herbal remedies for bladder infections are known to assuage as well as get rid of the bladder infections. They can be had either in the raw form or crushing these in the form of paste. You can have these as pastes everyday as a preventive measure against infections of the bladder. A natural way to get rid of bladder infections is to have plenty of water. Water is the best natural remedy which cleans all toxins and makes your bladder clean too. You can have a glass of water after regular intervals in order to help the toxins to get flushed out. Herbs like juniper, sandalwood and tea tree are also helpful. You can combine these herbs and prepare oil, which can be applied near the infected urinary tract.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the effective herbal remedies for bladder infections. If you are suffering from an infection of the bladder, a few drops of apple cider vinegar added to the bathing water will help you get rid of the infection. Generally, bladder infections lead to a burning sensation that may be accompanied by local irritation. Having a bath with apple cider relieves you of this burning sensation and thus, gives you the much required relief. Baking soda in a glass of water can be consumed by the patients twice a day. This also helps in controlling infection.

Urinary tract infections are extremely common in women and are known to be the second most frequently occurring infections. Millions of women are forced to see doctors every year due to this infection. Bladder infection is also a recurring infection and therefore, may occur several times during the lifetime of a man, woman or a child.

What Causes a Bladder Infection

A bladder infection is caused by bacteria in the urinary tract. There are several different strains of bacteria that surround us, but these harm our body only if our immunity is low. The bacteria may enter the blood stream and infect the kidneys or the urinary tract. A bladder infection causes a lot of pain and discomfort, especially while passing urine. Bladder infections are seen more commonly in women than in men. Since the distance from the urethra to the bladder is less in women, bacteria tend to travel more easily and infect the bladder. Bladder infection in men is also common, but not as common as in women. A urinary infection is different from a gall bladder infection. The urinary bladder is located at a safe distance from the gall bladder, and so the infection from one may not pass on to the other.

In children are usually associated with low hygiene or low immunity. Bacteria is what causes bladder infection in children as well. Since children have lower immunity, keeping low hygiene makes them very prone to getting infected. Bladder infection in men causes are the same as those of women and children. However, due to their anatomy, men are least susceptible to getting this infection. Sexual transmission of bladder infection is possible, and men may get infected by having intercourse with an infected woman.


Bladder infection signs and symptoms are not something you would forget. If you have ever had a bladder infection, you are most likely to remember its characteristic symptoms forever. The primary symptom of bladder infection is pain and discomfort experienced when passing urine. You may feel a sudden urge to pass urine. However, when you try to urinate, you are able to squeeze out only a few drops. Urinating can be very painful, and you may also feel a burning sensation while passing urine. Some of the other symptoms associated with bladder infection are fever, malaise, pain in the lower back, chills and overall tiredness and fatigue.


Men, women and children can find relief by using various home remedies for bladder infection. There are several simple bladder infection cures that can be used to get temporary relief. Since bladder infections are caused by bacteria, the only way to treat the condition completely is by killing off the bacteria. A bladder infection during pregnancy needs to be treated by a doctor. If you are pregnant and suspect bladder infection, take immediate treatment from a medical practitioner. Avoiding bladder infection treatment during pregnancy may lead to complications and fetal death. Bladder infection causes and treatment are completely related. Since bladder infection is caused by bacteria, antibiotic treatment is prescribed for it. To get rid of the condition completely, you will need to get the infection treated accordingly. Bladder infection cures that work naturally, may be slow in their effect and may not be a complete treatment in themselves.

Bladder infection home remedies for men are similar to those that are given for women. These home remedies aim to flush the system clean of any bacteria that may be causing the condition. Bladder infection in men requires treatment with antibiotics. Along with the home remedies, which can help deal with the often painful and uncomfortable symptoms of the condition, medical treatment for the condition is also important. In case the infection is not treated completely, it can cause damage to the kidneys.

Drinking lots of clean water is one of the best bladder infection remedies for women and men. Water dilutes the concentration of urine and also helps in flushing the kidneys as well as the urinary tract clean of bacteria. One of the most popular home remedies for bladder infection is baking soda. Baking soda increases the pH of the urine, therefore destroying the bacteria. This is also one of the most useful home remedies for bladder infection pain. Simply mix together a glass of water and a heaped spoon of baking soda. Drink the entire solution. Continue drinking this solution everyday till you feel an improvement in the symptoms.

One of the simplest and mildest home remedies for bladder infection in pregnant women is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice makes the urine acidic naturally. The enzymes present in the concentrated cranberry juice can help treat bladder infection naturally. Try and get yourself natural cranberry juice without added sugars, water and concentrates. With repeated use of these home remedies, you may get relief from the signs of a bladder infection in men and women. However, along with the home remedies, medical treatment is equally important to ensure that the infection causing bacteria have been completely destroyed. If the frequent visits to the toilet do not seem to be reducing, you can discuss your condition with a physician or a urologist. Most urinary tract infections are mild and can be completely treated by using a three to five day course of antibiotics.

Improving immunity is a great way to prevent urinary tract infections from occurring and recurring. Along with that, it may also be worthwhile to consider maintaining better intimate hygiene. Washing your intimate area regularly ensures that you are free of bacterial or yeast infections. Maintain a balanced diet to strengthen your body and drink lots of fluids, especially water, to keep your kidneys and your urinary system healthy. Do not hold your urine for long periods of time, as this is one of the major causes of urine infection. Void your bladder as frequently as you possibly can to keep yourself healthy. Include foods like blueberries and pineapple in your diet as these help in keeping the body free of any infection causing bacteria.

A healthy diet which includes plenty of vitamin C is also supposed to work as one of the effective bladder infection remedies.