Cure for ulcer on leg of elderly lady? Please advise some useful remedy

There are several cures that can be effectively used to take care of the ulcer on the leg of the elderly lady. But the thing to keep in mind is what kind of general health the lady maintains. If she is elderly, then it is essential to know if she suffers from an ailment such as diabetes or high blood pressure. All of these problems contribute in some way or another to the treatment of the ulcer. They may inhibit healing, so it is better to have this kind of information before hand. It would be advisable if you would get the ulcer checked out by a doctor, who will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis will help to figure out a better cure as well. While you may be told to topically apply some ointments or creams to take care of the ulcer by the doctor, it is also possible that something stronger may be recommended. Only a doctor can recommend something like antibiotics, for instance. Moreover, if you take a wrong step in resolving the situation, and end up hurting the elderly lady instead, it would simply make matters worse. So it is essential that you get the medical examination before you embark upon any self help method.

In the meantime, along with the medical cures provided, you may also take some steps to ensure that you add to the treatment process. The first step in this direction would be to boost the lady's immunity so that she can fight the problem better from within her body. To improve immunity, she can take a daily dosage of Indian gooseberry. This is nature's richest source of vitamin C and will help to improve her immunity as well as general health greatly. It is easily available in stores that stock natural and organic goods. Alternately, you could also take a daily dose of Echinacea, which would be available in similar shops and would have pretty identical effects. Make a mixture of powdered turmeric and clarified butter and spread this to the ulcer topically. Cleanse this frequently with damp clothe and rose water, and reapply each time you clean. This will help to heal the ulcer, since turmeric powder is an excellent healing agent. You may also make a smooth mixture of powdered sandalwood and rose water and apply this to the ulcer. This will also act in the same way and help to heal the ulcer.

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