August 31, 2010

Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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A considerably large part of the world’s population today suffers from the problem of ulcers. There are found to be various different kinds of ulcers which affect individuals like leg ulcers, stomach ulcers and foot ulcers apart from many others. However, foot ulcers are very common and can be unduly painful if not treated in the correct manner. This can cause the condition to worsen and the problem to intensify. In order to help a person to get rid and also to prevent foot ulcers one should first find out and establish the main reason for this painful condition. Foot ulcers and other ulcers have been associated medically with a weakened immune system. But foot ulcers have been further linked to various problems like diabetes and eczema, besides being associated with hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. If an individual gets a viral infection or even a bacterial one in that particular area it could aid in really worsening the problem. Ulcers have also been known to occur when there is poor circulation of the blood to that specific area of the skin.

Diabetes Foot Ulcers

A foot ulcer has very often been described as the arterial ulcer. The lower part of the person’s skin becomes yellow, black, brown or grey. It is very often accompanied by some redness and even some swelling especially when there is some irritation or when there is some infection setting in. The diabetics may also suffer from some variation of this ulcer and that is referred to as neurotrophic ulcer. The foot ulcers mainly occur when a person’s foot rubs excessively against the socks or even the bed sheets and other such surfaces. This is most common especially on the heels and the toes. At times a toenail can result in the skin to tear or cut and thus lead to an ulcer formation.  It can even lead to an overgrowth in the toe nail. Hence, proper foot hygiene is the best method to treat foot ulcers and also prevent them. Diabetes foot ulcers treatment requires giving it the appropriate medical attention. One can try to heal foot ulcer pain by wearing proper foot wear.  There are different kinds of shoes which have been specifically designed keeping these conditions in mind. Try to prevent foot ulcers by ensuring that feet do not get infected when they are wounded or cut. Immediately give it the medical attention it needs to help them heal properly. Always wear proper footwear and try to avoid walking bare feet.