Zinc Rich Foods for Stomach Ulcers

Oysters can contain up to 65 mg of zinc per gram which makes it the richest natural source of zinc. It is followed by crab meat which contains just 9 mg per 100g and beef (or lamb) which contains 6mg of zinc per gram. Beans, various nuts, fortified cereals and whole grains contain zinc. However, zinc absorption is significantly lowered if your diet is high in plant proteins as phytates found in whole grain breads, legumes etc decrease zinc absorption. It is therefore better to rely on animal proteins for your daily zinc requirements. One medium oyster contains approximately 12.7 mg of zinc which is more than enough to satisfy your daily zinc requirement. Other natural sources of zinc include red meat, poultry, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Herbs like alfalfa, chamomile, dandelion, milk thistle, parsley and sage contain zinc and are often used in combination with allopathic drugs in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

The standard daily zinc requirement for an adult man is 11 mg, 8mg for an adult woman and 12 mg for lactating mothers. Zinc deficiency is often linked to chronic liver disease, diabetes, sickle cell disease and other chronic illnesses. However an overdose of zinc can lead to zinc toxicity which is associated with reduced immune function, altered iron function and low copper status. In most cases, people suffering from zinc toxicity do not have obvious symptoms apart from general lethargy and fatigue; however, in severe cases, people often complain of cramps, nausea and vomiting. There are established tolerable ULs (upper levels) for people who are receiving zinc as part of their medical treatment. In such cases, medical supervision is necessary in order to monitor the patient's condition for signs of adverse health effects.

If you are a strict raw food vegan, you will have to consider taking a zinc supplement as the small amounts of zinc found in raw fruit and vegetables is not easily absorbed by the body. Make sure that you start by taking small smaller supplements of zinc as zinc supplements tend to cause loose motions and nausea. Make sure that you talk to your doctor or nutritionist before talking any supplements and try to increase your intake of foods that contain zinc while keeping your supplemental dose to a minimum. In addition to this, make sure that you avoid deep fried foods, colas and carbonated drinks as well as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

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