February 21, 2008

Stimulate Injured Lymph with Lymphatic Massage

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Lymphatic massage is also called the lymph drainage massage. It is a method used to increase the lymph flow. If the lymph flow is increased, different unwanted substances that are stored in the tissues are removed. People who are exposed to overuse of energy usually suffer from this lymph flow blockage. If this condition is not prevented, blockage is increased causing a great deal of pain. As the flow is slowed down, lymphatic tissues may have adhesions which cause swelling of the lymphatic nodes. Congested lymph tracts could cause symptoms like soreness, flu, as well as aches and body pain.

Lymphatic system of the body is basically responsible for healing the inner parts of the body from damages and certain kinds of diseases. As the lymphatic system weakens, the immune system is significantly affected and to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to release all the toxins that cause the system to deteriorate and this can only be done by constant medication or therapy. Severe linkage of toxins may result in several infections and diseases as well as conditions such as migraines and headaches, painful menstrual cramps, joint pain, arthritis, fatigue, depression, acne and cellulite.

This type of massage is extremely beneficial as it will clean out the system manually. When well administered by a trained professional the massage can stimulate the functioning and increase lymph flow drastically. Unlike some other organs, the lymphatic system depends solely on muscle contraction that occurs from deep breathing, when exercising and through manual manipulation for any movement of fluid. For this reason the gentle application of pressure in conjunction with pumping movements promotes and enhances the functioning of the lymph nodes.

After the session, the customer should drink plenty of water to wash out and remove all the toxins that have been freed by the massage. This method aids the increase of lymph flow. Cells are covered in fresh fluid making the skin look fresh and alive. When used after a neuromuscular massage, it helps to clear the tissue of waste and lessens the minor edema that can take place after a deep tissue massage. It is considered that it can also aid the scarring process by enhancing flow and immunity. Increased lymph flow about the scar stimulates injured lymph vessels to restore to health. Sustained massages during the recovery period will ensure that the tissue regeneration is of the healthiest level.