February 19, 2008

Different Types of Massages

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Massage, by definition, is the delicate art of curing the human body from various pains and illnesses through rubbing, kneading, patting and various other motions. This, in order to increase circulation, increase suppleness, relieve tension, and promote relaxation. It is the medication, treatment, and practice of involvement of the soft body tissues with mechanical, functional, medical or therapeutic, physical and in some cases psychological reasons and goals. Information on massage has been raised in many ancient customs and civilizations. Massage existed to become famous in the United States in the middlemost part of the 1800′s. In 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta was the prime time that massage was offered as a significance medical service.

As modernization goes by, different types of massage have been discovered. Most of these massages became very useful and popular all over the world. Almost 150 heterogeneous types of massage can be found in the best advantageous to your objectives.

The different types of massage known and famous have their individual purpose and process that differs from the other. Generally, all the types of massage cater to releasing stress and relaxation of the body.

Most common massages are the Swedish massage; it utilizes long and flowing strokes, usually but not accordingly in the direction of the heart. It is treated to aggrandize the circulation and blood flow.

The Therapeutic Touch massage is a curing technique that changes the energy field that penetrates and surrounds the human body.

Lymphatic massage is a mild method aimed at flushing out the lymphatic system. It cures to restore functioning of the immune system and aggrandizes the flow of lymph fluids.

Reiki is powerful healing type of massage that magnetize upon universal energy force and handles mild hands-on touch. It is a dynamic and effective tool in relaxation and stress management.

Thai Massage is also known as Yoga, it is commonly calming because of its power on loosening and stretching the body. It originated in India and then in Thailand. It facilitates health maintenance by accumulating flexibility, which assists the destruction of toxins deriving out of soft tissue and joints. This type of massage helps in shortening the effects of fatigue and stress by relaxing the body.

Deep Tissue Massage is broadly designed for more focused massage work. It uses more pressure to reach deeper muscles but not too much pressure because the muscle may tighten to protect that area and in order to release restrictions.

Shiatsu is a system of Japanese massage contingent on acupressure. It is changeable whether it originated from Chinese Zhi Ya Massage.

Sole or Foot Massage also known as Reflexology as enhanced by the Chinese is performed in the fact of chi, each blot on the sole of the foot assimilates to an innermost organ, and the utilized therapy is strengthening to one’s general well being. The belief supposes that a disease of an internal organ will be bound with the nerve closing on the sole of the foot.

Although there are more types of massage known, the mentioned massages here are the most common and often offered in massage spas. Knowing your needs and choosing the best that suits the needs of the body is the most important to gain from the therapy.