February 21, 2008

Massage Rollers | Learn How to Relieve the Pain Using Rollers

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

What are you supposed to do when your lower back ache in the middle of the night? The massage clinic is closed and nobody in your home knows how to perform massage. This is the time that you will appreciate a massage roller.

Basically, the function of a massage roller is to eliminate pain in certain areas of the body particularly back, stomach, legs and feet. The use of massage rollers can be traced back in the late 19th century when “Japanese Apparatus”, a very famous roller was being used by most people. This roller was simply a ball positioned in a shell with a size that would fit right into the hand. Germans used these rollers mainly for stress relief and pain relief.

Since then, the use of massage rollers has been widely recognized leading to new innovations and designs of these kinds of rollers not to mention the need for health and well-being. Rollers for back use are designed to alleviate back pain. Feet rollers are created for numbness and mild edema. Ergonomically designed, these rollers touch every point of the body that is in pain. These rollers are also proven to cure insomnia, neuralgia and constipation as these rollers allow the blood to circulate properly. It also frees the blockage in the veins making it easier for the body to flush away the toxics deposited in these veins.

Makes and sizes in the market also vary depending on the purpose you intentionally use it for. There are small, medium and large rollers. There are rollers made of wood, steel and foam wrapped rollers.

With the ease and comfort massage rollers bring, it is indeed advisable that every home has it. Whether you feel pain in the middle of the night or early dawn, you are sure that your massage roller is there to get you back to your deep sleep.