February 21, 2008

Natural Healing of Diseases with Shiatsu Foot Massage

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Japanese are perhaps the very first group of people who practiced Oriental medicine. Basically, Oriental medicine is applied by focusing on central points of the body particularly feet. This is the principle behind Shiatsu Foot Massage. This is similar to the Chinese reflexology.

Shiatsu foot massage is a massage technique used in Oriental medicine to check certain glands and organs related diseases. Accordingly, foot has certain points that are connected to major organs. The center point of the foot which is also the biggest point is connected to the kidney. When the therapist presses this point and the patient feels pain, it is concluded that the patient has kidney problem. The middle smaller point, the one above the central point stands for renal gland and the side points are connected coccygeal bone. Sessions of shiatsu foot massage will alleviate the health concerns and eventually will cure the disease if it’s not that severe.

The benefits of this type of massage are numerous. It doesn’t only aid in checking certain diseases, but it also aids in curing them. Aside from this, Shiatsu foot massage is proven to stimulate energy in the body. This is possible because pains and several disorders are alleviated. This is the reason why this massage is similar to the Chinese foot massage. They have the same objective. They only differ in the strokes and methods the massage is done. In performing this massage, very strong oil is used. Japanese also believe in the healing power of oil as it has the innate warmth in it that penetrates the skin melting away the tension and pressure inside.

Shiatsu Foot Massage is proven to be effective both for relaxation and healing. If you feel some pain inside, try to discover the wonders of traditional healing of the Orientals. Try the Shiatsu Foot Massage and heal naturally.