Swelling of the Lymph Nodes: I have one lymph node in my neck, on the left side, next to joint of the shoulder and the neck. I am wondering if there is a natural remedy for it.

Lymph nodes are connected by the lymph vessels and they make up the lymphatic system, which comprises a network of organs, glands and vessels situated throughout the body. They produce the lymphocytes or the white blood cells (WBC), which help our body to fight off the infections. When an infection occurs in your body the lymph nodes swell to produce more white blood cells and try to trap the infection causing organisms or bacteria. This is the common reason for the swelling.

Besides this lymph nodes could swell up due to several reasons. Sometimes it could be a simple reason like your body being unable to remove toxins and waste properly from your system. Or at times it could be due to certain cancerous infection. It could also be due to ear infection, common cold, measles, wound infections, mumps, strep throat, tuberculosis, syphilis a kind of sexually transmitted disease, a bacterial infection caused from a cat scratch or bite called as cat scratch fever, toxoplasmosis, which is a parasitic infection resulting from contact with the feces of an infected cat or eating undercooked meat rheumatoid arthritis, etc

Depending on the cause of your swollen lymph nodes the following symptoms maybe present:

  • Inflammation and reddening of the skin over the lymph node
  • Swelling in the limbs caused by the blockage of lymph system due to the swollen lymph node that might be deep in the body.
  • Sore throat, fever, runny nose that indicate upper respiratory track infections

You may try the following home remedies for mild cases of lymph node swelling:

  • To rid the body of all toxins so that your lymph nodes get free and function properly you could try taking a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of pure sea salt; add this to a glass of water and stir well and drink. This will help the body to release toxins very quickly and will bring down the swelling.
  • You can also use pure lavender oil diluted with some sunflower oil or any other carrier oil. Apply this on the swollen lymph node and massage gently, do this 3 to 4 times in a day.
  • If the swelling is painful then you can apply a warm wet compress. Soak a small towel in warm water, squeeze out the excess water and hold it against the swelling. This will help to bring down the swelling and reduce the pain.

An overall swelling of the lymph nodes throughout the body indicates disorders of the immune system like arthritis or an infection like HIV, and needs more specialized, intensive treatment.

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