I have swollen lymph node on my armpit. It's sore and I want to try home remedies before going to the doctor. I've been before and all they did is put me on antibiotics?

A lymph node is a tiny organ in the shape of a circular ball that primarily belongs to the immune system but is present throughout the different parts of the body. They keep a check on the maintenance and proper functioning of the immune system as these lymph nodes are very useful in filtering and capturing all the foreign material present in the body. A swollen lymph node is an indication that there is an infection that the body is trying to fight. The infection present in the body could range from a minor infection of the throat to life threatening health conditions like cancer. The swelling goes away on its own once the body has stood victorious to fighting the infection. You can easily feel the lymph node in your armpit, neck and in the groin region. You need to check for the size of the lymph node as also the duration that it has been there for. If it has swollen up more than 1 inch across it is indicating a severe infection or even if the swelling has been there for over a month, you would need to contact a doctor immediately. Incase of a small infection, you can make out if the lymph node is fighting it by feeling the gland with your fingers which feels slightly soft and moves around to an extent feeling tender.

There is not much you can do at home to treat a swollen lymph node as it could be because of an underlying medical condition that requires urgent attention. Since you have mentioned that you have visited the doctor earlier and there is still not much improvement, you should not take the risk of trying something at home because it could be something serious. Therefore, first of all, find out the reason for your swollen lymph node and then take the necessary steps. A swollen lymph node on your armpit should not be ignored as it could be a sign of breast cancer and hence, needs to be checked with the doctor immediately. You can help relieve the pain by applying warm compression on the area; however, beware of any infections that occur in the lymph nodes which will cause the skin to turn red and sore that might be extremely painful. Also confirm with your doctor once again if it is a swollen lymph node only as there is a possibility that it can simply be a boil or a cyst. For the time being, ensure good personal hygiene and keep yourself clean.

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