What Are the Benefits of Yoga and Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet accompanied with regular yoga exercises not only keeps us healthy but also makes us better human beings. This is due to the fact that yoga complements a nutritious diet and develops our relationship with food. Through yoga for health we are able to understand the importance of eating correctly. To keep us alert and energetic throughout the day, we need to eat right and exercise right. Yoga is very closely related to a balanced and nutritious diet as the teachings of yoga help us in improving our lifestyle. Yoga diet includes eating healthy and `Sattvic' food which means excluding those food products which generate heat in the body like spices and meat products. Yoga teaches us to eat a healthy vegetarian diet and not harm the animals and birds for the sake of satisfying our craving.

Proper nutrition helps us in flushing out harmful substances from our body and in maintaining an optimal weight. If an individual remains on a nutritious diet and performs yoga exercises on a daily basis, they can cure as well as prevent diseases. Good health and nutrition are identical in the sense that only a nourishing diet can maintain a good health. Due to our current lifestyle, we are wreaked with many diseases which have become commonplace. Obesity, anorexia, hyperactivity, unbalanced nervous system and stress are the latest lifestyle diseases. These ailments leave us weak and unfit and keep on multiplying till we end with multiple complications in our system. At that juncture, we have no other option but to resort to rigorous methods to fight the disorders. Our body will be better prepared to fight any infection if we integrate a nutritious diet and yoga into our daily pattern. Those who regularly fall sick or are allergic to certain food products should follow a strict diet of food supplements.

Yoga supplies us with the stimulation needed to refresh our senses and maintain health and fitness. If early on in our lives we follow the teachings of yoga and are on a wholesome diet, we can build resistance to germs and viruses. We can also fast on a selected pattern after finding out which kind of fasting suits us. Yoga for health does not require us to go hungry but encourages us in refraining from eating junk food and those foods which are tempting in nature but low in nutrition. It also regulates the functions of our body and provides stimulation through regular exercising. A proper routine of healthy diet which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, wholegrain products, milk and milk products and food products containing minerals, proteins and vitamins along with following proper yoga schedule enhances our lifestyle and keeps us robust in mind and body.