16yr boy 70kg, 168cm I have pimple on face, back, chest and armpit. I used to have fair complexion. Suggest routine yoga and diet program to grow tall, lose weight clear pimples and gain fair complexion.

In order to make the myriad changes you desire, you would have to simply work towards changing your lifestyle around. You would have to change your eating habits, exercise regimens and also include routines of skin care in your day to day existence. To begin with, we can start off by tackling the problem of pimples and weight loss. The chances that these two are connected via your diet would normally be very high. If you are fond of eating oily, fried and processed food, then you would have to stop this at once. Not only do such habits lead to weight gain, but they also contribute towards unhealthy skin. Oily and spicy food, in particular, will contribute towards your acne to a very large extent. This will make you have more acne as time passes, and your acne will also become difficult to control and eliminate. As it is, teenage is a time when the body is changing in terms of physicality as well as hormonally. This naturally results in pimples too. Added to this if you have an unhealthy diet, it will compound the situation. Try to get in more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will help to cleanse your skin from within.

The darkness of the areas you have mentioned shaving can also be reduced if you apply fresh yogurt on a regular basis to the areas. You can also leave this on for a decent amount of time, and use this remedial measure frequently as well. Try to avoid the use of after shave lotion. Most of these contain alcohol and will always tend to darken the skin when used frequently. It is just as important to have exercise as a part of your daily routine as it is to change your diet. Exercise will not only help you to lose weight, tone your body and get rid of unhealthy skin, it will also contribute towards making you taller. In particular, if you can, you must make it a point to swim or cycle. These are the two forms of exercise that are known to help with your situation the best and most. If you can, you should also opt for Yoga, which will help with overall good health and healthier development of the body. In order to lighten the color of your skin, you should make it a point to always apply sunscreen lotion. This will help you to achieve naturally fair complexion.

answered by M W

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