Can yoga help in reducing or curing asthma, obesity & piles?

Yoga for curing diseases 

Although Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that guides the development and maintenance of both the mind and the body, it is most frequently associated with the performance of certain physical exercises (Hatha Yoga). These exercises when done correctly do have the power to prevent and ameliorate certain physical ailments. The effect is maximized when, along with the physical practice of Yoga, there is a complete lifestyle change including certain philosophical beliefs.

Hatha Yoga is also very effective in tackling obesity as it involves performance of various asanas that tackle every part of the body in ways that are often also calming and soothing. It is of course effective when done in the properly recommended way. Hatha Yoga is versatile and works for a variety body types, ages, and backgrounds. A variety of asanas such as Paschimotannasana (forward seated bend), Virasana (hero pose), and Trikonasana (triangle pose) are deemed to be very effective in this regard. Pranayama or the exercise of breath control is a core practice in Hatha yoga and is also implicated in weight control.

Asthma seems to respond best to certain asanas (postures), including dandasana (staff pose), baddhakonasana (cobbler's pose), and virasana (hero pose). Piles can be ameliorated by the use of the Bhujangasana (snake pose) or Dhanurasana (Bow pose).
All of the above of course cannot be treated by the use of Hatha Yoga only. In order to effectively treat the conditions there needs to be an overall lifestyle alteration, which involves changes at the mental, emotional, and physical level.

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