I suffer from anxiety - much more so lately. I've heard that yoga is a great way to deal with anxiety. I have been researching yoga online but there is no much info?

Yoga has no real “form” of any kind. Basically, it is the kind of exercise that is totally anaerobic. This indicates that it is hardly the kind of exercise that will make you sweat out. More likely, it will tone and strengthen your body from within. But there are some schools of thought and action which also teach a very active and vigorous form of Yoga. However, that is not the route you want to follow if you want to relieve anxiety. In order to help relieve your anxiety, it is essential for you to remember the basic principle of Yoga – control your breathing, and subsequently, control every other faculty of your body. If you succeed with the first, you will succeed with the second as well.

The actual form of exercise is to stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons and test their endurance while counting your breaths. You may begin with following any form of exercise for a short while, but increase it gradually as you go along. There are too many good websites that teach Yoga to recommend any one of them. But if you have managed to grasp the basic principle of the exercise, then it shouldn’t be difficult to glean which kinds of exercises you need.

answered by G M

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