January 19, 2010

Tips to Improve Bone Density

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

One of the best things you can do to make your bones stronger is to provide them with a plentiful and regular supply of vitamin D. known as the sunshine vitamin, this is the most essential vitamin required for healthy bones. In fact people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency often also suffer from rickets, a disease where the bones tend to become softer. Get out in the sun to get the most of this vitamin into your system. If you cannot do this, you can also add supplements instead. This too would be helpful. Among the food substances you can add to your diet are sea foods such as mackerel, cod, herring, salmon, caviar, sardines and catfish. For vegetarians there is only the option of adding shiitake mushrooms to your diet, and this would also not be a sufficient source of vitamin D. so basically, supplementation is necessary and since it has no side effects and cannot do you any harm, you are advised to take it. Any excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals are usually passed out of the body through urine or stools. In order to maintain a good bone structure, you should also ensure that you get adequate amounts of calcium into your diet. Rich sources of calcium include milk and all milk products, tofu, soya milk and bean curd. You should also add meat to your diet if possible. Even if you do not, these would work well for you. Vitamin D is helpful in terms of helping the bones absorb calcium, but it is also essential that there be calcium in your bloodstream to absorb in the first place.

It is essential to exercise if you have a weak body. Exercise is one of the only things that will help to build up your body’s natural strengths and defenses. If possible, try to get in about one hour of Yoga everyday. Yoga is low impact exercise that works extremely slowly on strengthening your body. First, your body will become stronger from the outside, then it will slowly start becoming strong from the inside too. But you should find yourself motivated enough to stick to whatever schedule of exercise you have decided for yourself. You also need to steer clear of smoking as it inhibits natural absorption of calcium into the bones. Caffeine and all related products also fall in this category. Your overall approach should be of a holistic diet and simple lifestyle.