Yoga for Health

From insomnia and diabetes to depression and arthritis — yoga has helped to improve health.

Yoga and health are intimately related because yoga helps to improve mental and physical health. Most of the people practice yoga for various health reasons. People around the world are suffering from backaches, stress, anxiety and various other health ailments. The best solution for all health problems is yoga. Yoga and health benefits are interlinked by means of various asanas, mudras and pranas.

We all know that the basic function of yoga is to unite mind, body and soul. All spiritual preachers and yogis consider body and mind to be one. They say that a stable and pure body provides a stable and pure mind. Yoga is therefore considered to be therapeutic. Regular yoga practice makes you aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement.

There are many yoga poses for relieving stress, anxiety, discomfort and depression. Through these poses people feel relaxed energetic, happier and peaceful. This system of spiritual and physical training provides an excellent form of self help therapy. Yoga and mental health is a concept of attaining mental peace and stability.

The physical exercises are a series of slow and painless stretches that gradually treats various health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. Many of the yogic activities have taken the place of modern medicines in treating hypertension, insomnia, arthritis and a number of different diseases.

Different yoga practices also work wonders in curing many women’s problems and help them prevent uterine and ovarian disorders during pregnancy and childbirth.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the physiological, psychological and biological benefits of yoga and how yoga aids in curing various diseases, explore the links below. This section of yoga and health will help you learn your body functions and how Yoga can benefit your body.