May 26, 2009

Useful Tips To Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles On Forehead

Posted in Category : Beauty

Wrinkles anywhere on the face are a result of many factors working in tandem with each other. Age, naturally, is one of the first things that can lead to wrinkles. The other is lack of proper skin care. If you are over the age of 40 years and have never really paid attention to your skin, the time to start doing so is now. This way, you can be sure of cheating time out of wrinkles for a long time to come. Another reason for developing wrinkles on the forehead is also excessively dry skin. If you indeed have this problem as well, then you should address it as soon as possible, apart from looking at a regular maintenance routine for your skin. To start with, make sure your skin is well and thoroughly moisturized. This alone will cause half the problem to disappear. Each night, try to apply a regular moisturizer available over the counter which is specifically formulated to suit your skin type. Leaving it to work overnight is one of the best ways to ensure your skin gets its nutrition undisturbed. You should also apply a light and oil free moisturizer during the day for effective results.

Along with age, there comes a natural reduction in the flexibility of the skin. This is primarily because the skin slows down production of collagen and elastin, the natural “elastics” of the skin after the age of 30 years. You can help the process along by supplementing your skin with these products. Make a face pack of mashed papaya and pineapple, two of nature’s largest bounties of collagen. These will help to provide the much needed and naturally reduced elasticity back to your skin. You can also apply this to your forehead frequently if you wish to get rid of the wrinkles that are specifically gathered there. Otherwise, applying this to your whole face will also work equally well. You can add a few drops of honey to this mixture as well, for improved results. Another really excellent method to use at home for getting rid of the finer lines that are relatively young and have not yet dug deep into your skin is to apply egg whites to your face. This is also an excellent pack that will have a positive effect. But while the fruit pack can be used daily, this one should be used only once a week or it may end up stretching your skin excessively.