How to quit smoking and get rid of wrinkles due to smoking

Scrubbing the gist of a pineapple core on the areas where wrinkles are prominent for around a few minutes is an excellent natural solution for wrinkles. Let the juice of the pineapple stay on the face for around 20 minutes till dry. Do this for about a week to notice reduction and fading away of wrinkles.

Another herbal wrinkle repair system involves the preparation of a mix of freshly ground turmeric powder with sugarcane juice. Apart from getting rid of wrinkles, this age-old facial pack also helps defy ageing.  At bedtime you could massage pure rosehip seed oil onto your face and neck. Excellent in vitamin c, this oil works wonders for your face and rejuvenates it in a natural way.

Simply consuming boiled oats twice a day for a week is known to ward off the desire for smoking. It's an old Indian tradition to cure people off addictions, and this is known to have worked on those aiming at kicking off the butt. Oats cut down and do away with the cravings for tobacco; in addition it also helps to bring down the quantity of cigarettes. Likewise another competent home cure is to munch on a stick of licorice.

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