Herpes Treatment with Gooseberries

My daughter was just diagnosed with herpes. How can I help her build her immune system?

There are several additions you can make to your daughter's diet which will cause her immunity to rise. To begin with, you should try and increase her intake of vitamin C greatly. This will help to raise her immunity to a very large degree. The best sources of vitamin C in nature are citrus fruits and their juices. It is better if you get your daughter into the habit of eating the fruits rather than making her drink the juice. This will have better results. The richest natural source of vitamin C is Indian gooseberry. This is also a recommended medicine for improving the immunity and general health of a weakened body and system that finds itself unable to fight diseases and infections as easily as a strong body would. You can find this product quite easily in stores that sell natural and organic goods. It will most probably be available in pill or powder form. You should take it according to the recommended dosage provided on the package. This is one fruit that has been mentioned and is used in all far eastern forms of ancient medication. If you can find the fruit fresh, this is the best way to have it. You could visit a local Indian grocery store and you will be able to get your hands on a package of frozen gooseberries quite easily. You can also feed them to your daughter after thawing and leaving them in honey and a couple of days. Keep in mind that this fruit is extremely sour in taste and that could be a reason why your daughter might not want to eat it by itself.

Another excellent product you can give her to improve her immunity is Echinacea. This is available in pill or capsule form. This plant is actually known as the immunity plant in a lot of cultures. Apart from providing her with supplements, you can also try to get her involved in some sort of a regular routine of exercise. Exercise has a natural tendency to build up immunity along with strong bones and muscles. This way, she will also be able to eat better, and rest better. Both of these are as important for a healthy and strong body as well as mind. Try to keep her off red meat for a while, and put her on a diet of fresh and unprocessed foods. This will help her to be more alert and active.

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