My Father 83 Was Found As Bone Cancer Advanced Stage Patient How Can I Help Him Through Herbal Remedies?

Cancer that originates in the bones is known as primary bone cancer. This is less common than secondary bone cancer, also called metastatic cancer, which initially develops in another organ and then progresses to affect the tissues of the bone. The bones of the body provide support to the body and protect the vital internal organs. The bone marrow present in the center of the bones produces and stores blood cells. Chondrosarcoma is a common type of bone cancer that usually occurs in individuals above the age of 40 years. It occurs more commonly in males and can progress to the lymph nodes and lungs. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma is another type of bone cancer involving the ligaments, muscles, fat, and tendons. It is most commonly noticed in late adult life. There are other types of bone cancer as well, which affect individuals of younger age groups.

Symptoms of bone cancer begin with pain which becomes aggravated over a period of time. In the initial stages, the pain may occur only after activity or at night. As the tumor grows, the symptoms may continue for weeks to years, if it remains untreated. In some instances, a lump may be detected in the tissues around the bone or on the bone itself. The tumor also weakens the bones, and fractures can occur even without trauma. A fracture may even develop just from exerting slight pressure on the affected bone. If the tumor spreads to other areas of the body, weight loss, fever and chills can also occur.

In an advanced stage of bone cancer, the standard treatment may not be enough to alleviate the condition, and as such many affected individuals turn to alternative treatments such as herbal remedies. Herbs help to strengthen the bones and improve body functioning without the risk of drastic side effects. However, when considering alternative treatments, the first thing one must do is discuss it with their doctor. Herbs can be used as tinctures, dried extracts, or glycerites. You can prepare a tea with a teaspoon of herb added to cup of boiling water. If you are using flowers or leaf, allow the tea to stand for ten minutes and in case of root, wait for twenty minutes before drinking. Green tea is especially used for its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. 30 to 60 drops of reishi mushroom tincture may also be taken thrice daily. Other beneficial herbs that are believed to be effective in cancer treatment include cat's claw, fermented wheat germ extract, and milk thistle.

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