Is there any cure for Herpes?

Fortunately, yes there is a cure for herpes, despite what most doctors will tell you. This cure has been around and used for herpes since the time of the Ancient Egyptians! Olive Leaf Extract. You will see a total clear up of symptoms within 24 to 48 hours and if you continue taking the olive leaf extract for 4 weeks after the symptoms have disappeared, it will not return as a dreaded flare up again.Olive Leaf has been scientifically proven to do what modern medicine cannot, cure herpes with lesser side effects or long term medication. This all natural herb cures herpes. It has been tested by natural doctors, universities, and scientists and it works every time. Your best bet is the Olive Leaf Capsules. They are inexpensive and really do work. The reason Olive Leaf Works is partially because of its immune system boosting powers. It is wonderful for cancer patients as well. One thing, it is important to take probiotics after your olive leaf treatment is through because olive leaf can wipe out your intestinal flora. Simply taking a supplement that contains live cultures should be all you need to do. It is best to wait until after your 4 weeks is over so you do not have to repeat the treatment.

answered by R P

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