March 8, 2011

Natural Treatment For Oligospermia

Posted in Category : Sexual Health

Oligospermia refers to the condition of a low sperm count in men. A low sperm count affects fertility and can therefore be the cause of infertility in men. The normal number of sperm per ejaculation for men is about 20 million per milliliter to 200 million per milliliter. Any count below 20 million is called oligospermia. This condition usually is not a result of any hormonal imbalance and therefore has no medicinal cure for it. Low sperm usually means a declined motility of sperm which leads to infertility. It is a common cause of infertility in men.

Sometimes the symptoms are not obvious ones. Intercourse and ejaculation could be difficult. You may also notice a change in hair growth and sexual functions. These might be signs that you need to get yourself tested for infertility. Causes of oligospermia can be permanent or temporary. Temporary oligospermia is often caused by different illnesses like high fever, exposure to certain drugs and poisons, smoking and drinking, radiotherapy and inflammation of the testes. There are other causes that permanently cause a decrease in sperm count like hormonal disorders, malnutrition, stress and sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia and gonorrhea. If you feel a burning sensation while you urinate, you could get tested to check if there are any problems affecting your sperm count. Also if you have any prevailing medical condition like thyroid and diabetes your sperm count could be affected considerably. Testicular varicocele or even undescended testes can cause oligospermia. Zinc deficiencies or excessive anabolic use of steroids can also cause a low sperm count.

Research has shown that half the cases if diagnosed in time can be reversed. Diagnosis of this is important. Sometimes if diagnosed in time, remedial measures can be taken. It can be a frustrating experience especially if you are trying to have a child. Blood tests, sperm tests and extensive physical history can help diagnose low sperm count correctly. Age plays a big role and the older you get, the lesser sperm your body produces. There are even theories that say too much masturbation can reduce sperm count but no medical research has proven this. Occasionally oligospermia treatment would depend on the severity of the condition. Preventive measures like not wearing tight underwear, improving your diet, stopping smoking and drinking, avoiding hot tubs, and increasing intake of vitamins can sometimes help as an infertility natural treatment.

Remember to take basic precautions like eating a proper diet full of nutrition and fiber and less of processed food. Antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E are very beneficial remedies for low sperm count. Essential fatty acids are also known to be very beneficial in oligospermia treatment. Though there is no definite medical oligospermia treatment but there are some herbal remedies for infertility that have been known to help infertility. Infertility has some natural treatment and it can also act as a remedy for low sperm count.

Some of these methods include light massage on the penis. You can massage a combination of sesame and mustard oil, the heating effect of which can increase the sperm. You can apply medicated clarified butter on the pelvic regions and the genitals before intercourse as in Ayurveda it is known to help in oligospermia treatment. Onion and garlic are known to increase sperm count. Saffron and milk is also known to help. Adding ground and soaked almond along with cardamom to the milk helps even better. Carrots with half an egg for a few weeks, daily can help low sperm count and even improve sexual stamina. Soaked black raisins are also known to help if one gradually increases the quantity of the raisins. This is one of the effective remedies for low sperm count. Yoga has also been known to help in case of infertility. Certain asanas help tone the testicles. These asanas help overcome infertility for men and women.