April 3, 2008

Natural Family Planning Techniques To Prevent Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Natural family planning helps you to control the unwanted pregnancy by helping you to figure out when the intercourse can result in pregnancy and when not. In Natural family planning method you do not have to take any contraceptive pills or have to use condoms or other techniques to prevent pregnancy. It is a natural process; just you have to equip yourself with the knowledge and the unwanted birth can be taken care of.

During the menstrual cycle many physical changes occur in women; there are changes in the body of the women. The ovary releases the egg, this process is called ovulation. This egg moves to the uterus and when it meets with the sperm fertilization takes place. But if the egg does not meet with the sperm and remains unfertilized for 12 to 24 hours then there is no chance of conception. Pregnancy occurs if the sexual intercourse takes place just before or just after the ovulation.

The cervical muscle is flexible, smooth and clear during the ovulation period. By minutely checking the cervical muscle one can know whether the woman is having ovulation or not. This method is called ovulation method. The other technique called as symptothermal method is also used to know when there is ovulation and when not. Here you have to measure your body temperature regularly by using a special thermometer; at the time of ovulation the temperature increases. Bloating, tenderness in the breast and mild pain are the other indications of ovulation.

The other technique called as rhythm technique is used; here you keep the time table about previous menstrual cycles and based on that try to figure out when the ovulation occurs. It is not a reliable as the above two methods.

Natural family planning is a great ways to prevent pregnancy; the only requirement is proper knowledge