May 27, 2008

Natural Alternatives For Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

The inflammation caused by osteoarthritis is painful. In some cases, the pain is mild and in some, it is quite severe. It can become so much severe that the patient is unable to bear it. It lasts as long as the inflammation prevails. Therefore, the patient needs to take some medicines or some therapy for relief. There are a number of things and therapies both artificial and natural, which can provide relief from osteoarthritis.

Among the natural alternatives for osteoarthritis pain relief, there are options as topical creams and oils, natural techniques like acupressure and acupuncture, and nutrition supplements. They are described below in detail.

The creams and oils used as natural alternatives for osteoarthritis pain relief are made from extracts of the natural substances as menthol, emu oil, glucosamine, Boswellia, capsaicin, salicylate, etc.

These creams and oils are to be applied directly on the skin above the affected joint. They penetrate through the skin and relieve the joint from the pain. Some of them also have medical properties and therefore, they can be used for reducing the inflammation as well.

Then the second very effective natural remedy for osteoarthritis pain relief is exercise and massage. The light exercises and massages to the affected joint are very effective. Similarly, the therapies as acupressure and acupuncture both are very effective for arthritis. These techniques make the muscles free. They stimulate the joints to secrete the synovial fluid. Moreover, they also increase the oxygen supply to the affected joint. Thus, they stimulate the bones, joints, to function properly.

Alternatively reducing weight is also considered as a useful natural way of osteoarthritis pain relief. The reduction in weight can reduce the load on the joints and therefore they will be at a greater ease. This can reduce the frequency of occurrence of pain. It can cause a reduction in the inflammation as well.

Nutrition supplements too are very effective for osteoarthritis pain relief. This is because the basic cause of osteoarthritis in most of the cases is unavailability of the essential nutrients. Therefore, taking external supplements will restore their levels in the body. Vitamin D, B complex, etc, calcium selenium, glucosamine Chondriotin, bone Morphage protein are some of the nutrients whose supplements are being used.

The natural alternatives for osteoarthritis pain relief are effective in most of the cases. Thus, they prevent the use of medication and other artificial methods. Moreover, they have the advantage that they are much cheaper than artificial medications.