I had white patch from last 10 years. It get normal after gating treatment of leaser therapy. But it start from last 9 months so please tell me its best treatment

If you have had a white patch for such a long time, then the first thing you should do is find out what this is. The most generic conclusion that can be drawn from your description is that you are suffering from what is commonly known as leucoderma. This is also called the white patch disease, or Vitiligo. It is characterized by the appearance of white patches all over the skin. However, one their characteristics are also that they keep appearing and disappearing. These would be fluid patches which do not remain stationary and rarely ever in a single place. It is best for you to be aware that if indeed you have vitiligo, there is no way something like laser surgery can get rid of them. This is not a pimple or a mole that would be zapped into falling off by use of laser surgery. If you are positively diagnosed with vitiligo, then you would have to brace yourself for the possibility that you may have to live with it. There can be a few natural or herbal remedial measures that may help to provide relief, but there is no long term cure available for this disease that usually progresses with age. In some cases, it could disappear altogether with age. But this eventuality is rare, so it is no use holding out much hope for it.

For vitiligo, the use of cabbage leaves has been found to be extremely beneficial. Cold cabbage leaves applied to the patches for about an hour at a time can be helpful with helping to reduce the size of the patches. Apart from this, it is also a good idea to use neem oil to apply on the patches. Neem is a miraculous herb that has several untapped healing properties for all manner of ailments and issues. You would do well to try and ensure that the oil you manage to get your hands on is pure and unadulterated in nature. Be careful that you do not overdo this as well. The best way to go about it is to apply a dab on neem oil to the patch and spread it all over the patch with your fingers. Do this at night before bedtime as this will give the oil all night to work on your skin uninterrupted. It is also advised to avoid eating processed and preserved food if you have vitiligo as chemicals can aggravate the problem.

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