March 14, 2008

Breast Enlargement with Diet, Exercise & Herbal Alternatives

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The researches on breast enlargement procedures are now focused on finding natural and alternative methods. Alternative breast enlargement treatments include body massages and hypnosis. The massage techniques usually involve “swishing” actions that are gently used for better results. The breast enlargement massages prove to be effectual to promote breast firmness and toning especially when practiced daily and used in conjunction with the breast enlargement creams. Hypnosis is another option for non-surgical breast enlargement. But this type of non-conventional alternative is still undergoing research.

Natural breast enlargement is a safer option than surgery that is why many women prefer to opt for it. However, there hasn’t been adequate research conducted in the field of natural breast enlargement so as to give out more predictable results for this particular process. If the natural breast enlargement regimes work for you or not cannot be known immediately, instead you might have to undergo such treatments for months before getting any significant results. Therefore, most women give up natural breast enlargement treatments before they start having any effect on their breast size.

A pill used in herbal breast enlargement process is another popular option. Products used for herbal breast enlargement are incorporated with synthetic chemicals known as phyto-estrogens that function similar to the naturally secreted female sex hormone estrogen. Herbal products for breast enlargement lead to an increase in production of estrogen in your body which is almost similar to the increase in estrogen levels during pregnancy. So your breasts will enlarge in the same way as they would if you were pregnant.

Today there are a plenty of natural breast enlargement products to choose from. These remedies mostly contain saw palmetto, fenugreek, Mexican wild yam, fennel, Dong Quai, damiana, and blessed thistle and are claimed to be effective, though not very fast.

A proper diet regime is must to enhance the size of your breasts naturally; you should stop taking caffeine and take up proteins in your daily diet. It is also advisable to make use of oral medications with other natural treatments, like breast enlargement exercises and breast enlargement creams.