How to massage legs with water retention?

Water retention is a very common problem and the most visible manifestation of it is swollen legs. Water retention in the legs is also known as edema or fluid retention. The primary causes of edema are long journeys, lack of activity or movement. Pregnancy is also known to cause immense fluid retention but your legs return to normal usually after the delivery. During pregnancy fluid retention occurs due to the enlarged uterus and the pressure it puts on the body.

There are no real cures for water retention but it is more about managing the symptoms to alleviate the discomfort and prevent worsening of the problem. Doctors often prescribe diuretics to deal with the extra fluid in the body. But just prescribing diuretics is hardly the answer because it’s also difficult to identify the cause of such water retention.

Massage is not exactly categorized as a home remedy but has shown to give tremendous relief to people who are suffering from edema. You should look for a licensed massage therapist in order to get the right kind of massage to reduce the fluid retention. It’s important that the therapist be licensed so that he or she can provide the right guidance. For instance, you might need to drink water after your massage for proper blood circulation, something your therapist should know. The massage strokes should be a certain type in order to reduce water retention. The strokes are upwards and they encourage lymph drainage and increase blood circulation. If the massage does not provide prolonged relief you need to get a more professional opinion.

To ensure that you continue to lose excess fluid, you can try some home remedies. More than remedies, these steps are just meant for you to manage the symptoms better.

  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Eat a fibre rich, protein rich diet. Avoid too many carbohydrates and junk food
  • Include more diuretic foods (if your doctor has not put you on diuretics) like parsley, fennel, onion and celery
  • Essential oil of aromatherapy can also help if massaged into the legs – try oils like rosemary, lavender, juniper berry or mandarin mixed with base oil.
  • Increase your consumption of cranberries or cranberry juice
  • Increase the amount of water you drink
  • Swimming, as an exercise, is also known to reduce water retention. It forces the water out of the cells and into the bladder.


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Elevate legs on a sofa, above your heart while lying down and exercise your legs. This helps pump fluid from your legs back to your heart. I would recommend you to visit a massage therapist, for further guidance.

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