My mom has knee pain and it gets worse when laying down. She says it feels like it's burning with constant pain. What is the best thing for her to do to help relieve the pain?

The knee is one of the important joint of the body, as it helps bear part of the body's weight and also allow for a person to sit, bend or engage in various physical activities. If your mom is old then you will need to consult a doctor as to what is causing the symptoms, as when a person is older , the relation between symptoms and other underlying disorders is , therefore the safest thing to do is find out what the exact problem is by seeking professional medical advice.

Other than that there are simple things that you can do to help relive the knee pain. The fist thing to do is keep the knee fully relaxed and be sure that the knee is fully stretched out , but while doing this make sure not to use force as it will n increase the sensation pain. If there is any inflammation or swelling present you can relive it massaging he affected area with an ice pack for duration of about 15 or 20 minutes. The cold ice pack basically lowers the amount of blood flow thus reducing the pain to a certain extent. When sleeping, it helps to place a pillow or two under the affected knee.

The next thing you can try is massaging the knee. Do this by slowly moving the centre section of your knee in a circular motion. Do this slowly using a slow and firm but gentle action. The massaging helps make loose the tissue in the knee cap that is not stable and thus gets rid of it. The procedure has also been known to help in treating scar tissue. Have your mother wear a knee brace when she is moving around, order to keep the knee stable. This helps in reducing the amount of friction caused due to loose joints and will help relive the symptoms. If the pain is very severe then you can provably have your mother take anti- inflammatory medication like an aspirin. Before sleeping putting heating pads or a warm towel under the knees for about 30 minutes will also help.

answered by G R

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