May 21, 2009

Cure For Dark Skin Pigmentation During Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Beauty

If you are suffering from dark skin in patches, then this is a definite case of pigmentation. Since you have not mentioned your age of gender, it is important that you be aware of some simple facts about these things. If you are pregnant, you will find that your skin may sometimes suffer from this kind of problematic pigmentation during the time that you are pregnant only. That is to say that once you have delivered, in all likelihood, the patches you have developed may just go away. Usually, dark skin appears during pregnancy on the face. This can be particularly unsightly and also very difficult to get rid of while you are pregnant. If the patches persist after delivery, you can apply a mixture of fresh heavy cream and saffron to them to get rid of them. Try to let this combination soak overnight so that it is more effective when used in the morning. This can be particularly helpful in treating dark spots otherwise as well. This can work for you even if you are a male experiencing from the problem of pigmentation for any reason. One of the most effective ways to rid your skin of spottiness is to maintain a regular schedule of skin care. This should include a daily cleansing process at night and a moisturizing process in the mornings. Once a week, you should also exfoliate your face, which will automatically take care of all the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin as well. You can also apply a skin lightening face pack once a week. Make one at home with equal parts of crushed tomato, pineapple and a few drops of lime juice for excellent results.

You should also try and get in a facial once a month for excellent results. This will also be very helpful in maintaining even skin tone. If professionally done, this will also have excellent results. If not, you can do it yourself following a simple trajectory of methods at home. Before you begin the facial, use a gentle cleanser to clean your face properly. Start with a cream based massage, which can be followed by steaming your skin. The steaming session will open up your skin pores, which will then be more receptive to receiving moisture and emitting any residues left behind underneath the top layer of skin. Finish off with a skin clearing face pack, preferably one that is cucumber based.