July 12, 2010

Remedies for Dark Feet

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

The skin color is a result of a pigment in the skin cells called melanin. Melanin is responsible for the shade of skin that covers the whole body. There are, however, variations in the skin tone which are a result of skin health, general health, tanning, and so on. If there is more melanin in the skin, the skin will be darker. There is a condition associated with the quantity of melanin in the skin known as hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when there is too much melanin in the skin. This is a condition that affects some part of the person’s body but not the whole body. This causes the affected area to appear darker than other areas of the body. This condition is often mistaken for a tan, but it does not wear off like a tan tends to do.

The condition is usually caused by excessive exposure to the sun that causes some damage to the skin cells. It may also be caused by some failure in the endocrine system which affects the production of melanin.

Most people suffering from hyper-pigmentation will not have any side effects associated with the condition. It is always prudent to undergo a blood test to make sure that there is no underlying condition such as skin cancer, which is a serious and life threatening condition. All other causes of dark feet should be treated as cosmetic issues and there is no medical reason to treat this condition. However, there are some useful dark feet remedies that one can even try at home.

The first thing to check is the health of the skin. If you are suffering from dry feet, then any moisturizing agent can be applied to improve the skin tone. This may make the skin appear brighter than it used to be and cover up most of the hyper-pigmentation. The other common solution for dark skin on the feet is the use of lime. Lime is a natural product that can be used almost anywhere on the body to lighten the skin. One can use a paste that includes lime or simply the lime itself. The paste can be made using turmeric powder with lime and curd and be kept on the skin for about half an hour before it is washed off. It is important to note that any skin that is cut or dry will react poorly to such treatment because the skin will begin to burn uncomfortably.