My sister is having dark pigmentation on her face, she had already gone through so many Ayurvedic treatment but in vain. She is using aloe vera gel for routine use, kindly suggest some good home remedies so that she can get her original color of her skin

Skin pigmentation on the face or discoloration is basically a medical condition which is characterized by discolored and dark patches of skin on the face of the individual. This skin condition usually does not indicate any serious health concern however it may often lead to the person feeling demotivated and also suffering from low self esteem issues. Skin pigmentation disorders are usually caused by the hyper pigmentation or the excessive production of melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin its color. The excessive production of melanin is what causes skin pigmentation which is also commonly found in the form of sun spots or even age spots. The skin pigmentation on face treatment can also be effectively done with the use of various home remedies. One of the skin pigmentation home remedies is to prepare a thick paste by mixing together some yogurt, oatmeal and some freshly squeezed tomato juice. This paste should then be generously applied all over ones face and should be allowed to dry naturally. This paste should then be washed off with some warm water after 15 minutes. For best results against skin pigmentation, it is advisable to use this home remedy on a daily basis.

Similarly skin pigmentation disorders treatment at home also includes the use of some aloe vera gel which should be applied in generous amounts on the darkened portion of skin. For even better results one could also mix some vitamin E oil along with the aloe vera gel. Another one of the skin pigmentation home remedies is to mix together half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and the juice of a lemon. This mixture should be applied on the skin that has pigmented and allowed to remain till it completely dries up. It has been observed that this home remedy is one of the most effective remedies for skin pigmentation treatment. However one should ensure that after following this home remedy they should avoid stepping out in the sun as this will result in the further darkening of the skin.

One of the other effective skin pigmentation on the face home remedies is to mash a ripe avocado and then apply this paste all over ones face or the pigmented area. This paste should then be rinsed off after allowing it to remain for at least 10 minutes. Another one of the skin pigmentation disorders that is commonly observed in many people is known as vitiligo. In this skin disorder the cells that prepare the skin pigment tend to get destroyed resulting in the formation of white patches on ones skin that may occur on various parts of the body. In fact many a times similar white patches are also observed on the retina as well as the mucous membranes that are found inside the nose and the mouth. In some cases of vitiligo skin disorder, the hair also that grows on the white skin patches is known to gradually turn white. Research has shown that one of the primary causes of people suffering from the vitiligo skin disorder is genetic. Along with the various home remedies for treating skin pigmentation disorder one can also take some preventive action.

Preventive treatment for skin pigmentation disorder is to ensure that one eats plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and also gets adequate amount of sleep. One of the essential factors for preventing skin pigmentation is to drink plenty of fresh water so that the skin remains hydrated and fresh. Overall, one should also ensure that they follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid exposing their skin excessively to the sunlight. If the skin pigmentation persists even after using the home remedies one should visit a qualified dermatologist.

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