May 21, 2009

Eye Injury Remedy

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Eye injuries can be quite dangerous, and it is therefore always advisable to get your eye checked by an ophthalmologist after any such accident. Some eye injuries are of course very obviously minor ones – getting a minor irritant, such as soap, in your eye, for example. However, hard blows to the eye, must always be checked by a doctor, whether the instrument that made contact was sharp or blunt. With a sharp object, the damage will usually be apparent immediately. With a blunt object, on the other hand, there may be no obvious signs of damage till a few days later, when it may be too late to do anything about it. People often ignore the pain, as it is only to be expected after a blow to any part of the body. However, a blunt object that is moving at high speed can cause a great deal of severe damage, which may be noticed only a couple of days later when vision is affected.

One possibility is iritis, in which the colored part of the eye (which is actually a muscle) becomes inflamed as a result of the impact. Apart from pain, iritis may cause excessive production of tears, blurred vision, and headaches. The area around the iris may also look red and inflamed. Another sign is increased pain in the presence of bright light. Your doctor will probably perform a few tests to measures these symptoms, and accordingly prescribe a course of action. Painkillers will probably be prescribed, but if you prefer to avoid these, you can do so. Other medications however cannot be substituted or avoided. An eye injury cannot simply be treated with home remedies, unless your doctor suggests any specific self care measures. If anti inflammatory eye drops or any other medication is prescribed, you will need to take these medications as per your doctor’s recommendations.

The only home remedy that can generally be advised for such an injury is rest. If your iris is inflamed, you should not strain your eyes. It may be advisable to stay in bed and keep your eyes closed. In addition, if light hurts your eye, you should try wearing sunglasses all through the day, even indoors. Be sure to return to your ophthalmologist for a check up after your course of treatment is complete. This will ensure that your eye has healed properly, and that no further treatment is needed.