May 21, 2009

Treatment for Staphylococcus infection

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

The normal appearance of a staphylococcus infection is as a boil or a series of boils. However, you should be aware that these boils are so generic in nature that they could easily be mistaken for something else. In order to determine that you do have a staphylococcus infection, you should consult a doctor who will confirm the same for you. For those suffering from a staphylococcus infection, one of the commonest things that do not allow you to recover as quickly as you would like is over use of antibiotics. Please avoid this if possible. Unless your infection is so severe that it cannot be handled, you should try to skip the use of antibiotics as far as possible. You should also be aware that breastfeeding mothers and newborn infants can be more prone to these infections. These will then be temporary and will not last beyond a certain period. While they must be addressed, you do not need antibiotics to get rid of them. Some people who suffer from chronic diseases can also be prone to developing staphylococcus infections. This would generally be people who suffer from diabetes and cancer and other such long term ailments.

One of the best ways to get rid of the boils or sties caused by staph infections is to apply warm to hot compresses to them. This can sometimes help to burst and drain the boils, which in turn can provide relief and can also help you to get rid of the infection. Generally, you will notice that these boils can go away on their own if left alone within a couple of weeks. Only if this does not happen do you need to take extra steps to do something more about it. If you are male and are suffering from staph in areas where you shave generally, you should avoid shaving for a few days. While shaving, you will have a tendency to shave off the boils, which will leave a residue on the skin. On newly shaved skin, this is one way you can spread infections. Not shaving will not allow the problem to occur at all. Once you have managed to use hot compresses enough to burst the boils, you can apply a paste made with turmeric powder and rose water to them. This will help to heal the open skin left behind by the boils. If you don’t see results in three weeks, you need a doctor.