How to get rid of white patches on elbows?

The herb known as goosefoot is an invaluable remedy for the treatment of white patches. Goosefoot is a herb belonging to family of the genus Chenopodium and is characterized by its small greenish flowers. The juice taken out of this vegetable is very useful as an application on the affected regions. A daily intake of this vegetable in a simple cooked form at least twice a day will help in the removal of the patches. This vegetable must be consumed for a minimum of three months to obtain results.

Similarly a dressing made from freshly pulped ginger leaves used as a covering on the discolored patches is another helpful solution. Take a handful of fresh ginger leaves and grind / pulp it with just little water enough to make the poultice seem like a daub. Use this application as a dressing over the affected regions. The ginger leaves dressing must be freshly prepared each time you are supposed to cover the region. This therapy involves the use of freshly made ingredients instead of making it in bulk and storing it for later use. The poultice must be made once every two days and after an application, it should be allowed to stay on the patches for at least half an hour till the dressing seems less damp.

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