I need some good home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Garlic, Onions

A very effective home remedy for hemorrhoids is to Peel a small garlic or onion (reduce the size of the onion to a garlic clove size). Just before bed, push either garlic or onion just slightly into your rectum and not to far. Your regular bowel movement will remove them in the morning. Garlic and onions can be used as a suppository to help strengthen the veins, kill bacteria in that area, and reduce inflammation.

Do not use this method if your hemorrhoids have been bleeding or are bleeding. Wait for this area to heal before using this remedy.Witch Hazel Soak a cotton ball in Witch Hazel and leave on anal area (Do not place inside) for approximately one hour. Vitamin B6 Take vitamin b6 tablets. You should notice results in 1-2 days. This home remedy works if your bleeding hemorrhoids are caused from a deficiency of this vitamin.Rutin tablets Take 350 milligram tablets a day, Expect your hemorrhoids to disappear in 2-7 days. Rutin is a bioflavonoid and can be found in oranges, lemon, and buckwheat.Orange or Bananas

Eat an orange three times a day, or eat two bananas as soon as you wake up in the morning. Continue this remedy until your hemorrhoids are gone. This traditional Chinese home remedy will correct the imbalances causing hemorrhoids.

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