October 21, 2009

Blood in Feces Causes – Constipation Feces – Blood Bowel Movement

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If you find blood in your stool or feces, it is an indication of bleeding in the rectum or the gastrointestinal tract. While you may or may not feel pain, the bleeding often occurs during defecation; it is necessary to treat this as soon as possible to avoid further complications.


There are many reasons for fecal bleeding. Some of the common causes have been listed below.

  1. Hemorrhoids: This is one of the most common causes of rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids may cause bleeding that is painless. You will find that the blood often drips into the toilet; at times, it may even stain the toilet paper.
  2. Bloody Diarrhea: This is essentially diarrhea in which there is also blood. This can be result of several factors such as digestive infections, food poisoning, and anal or rectal bleeding.
  3. Gastroenteritis: Gastroenteritis is a chronic and acute inflammation of the stomach or intestine. It may be caused by improper eating habits or by certain infections of the gastro intestinal tract.
  4. Internal Bleeding: This refers to the loss of blood from the circulatory system, internally. Major causes of internal bleeding include autoimmune disorders and cancer.

Home Remedies: Here are some natural remedies to treat this problem. However, it is best to consult your doctor if the problem worsens or persists.

Consume lime juice with honey so as to treat fecal blood discharge. In fact, you can also go on a lemon-juice-only diet for two days. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables; this provides the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals that are lost as a result of the blood discharge. Include vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage in your diet. Eat lots of fiber. Fiber is found in all the fibrous foods; this will help in bowel distention and clean your stomach. Yogurt is also good alternative to cleanse the bowels. Fruits like papaya have also been known to relieve this affliction so make sure to include it in your diet.

Drink plenty of water, this helps to activate and tone your bowel movements, thereby preventing rectal or gastrointestinal bleeding. You can also drink bitter gourd juice or ginger juice with lime or mint to effectively cure the affliction. Consume mango powder in the prescribed dosage to relieve the discharge of blood in feces.

Restrict your intake of complex sugars such as fructose and maltose. As such, you must not consume sweet foods like candy and chocolates. Also limit your intake of spices.