What are bleeding Hemorrhoids? How to cure them

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Home Remedy

If you have bleeding hemorrhoids, the first thing you need to check is whether you are passing hard stools. This is usually the leading cause of bleeding hemorrhoids, and is quite easy to control with some simple changes in your diet. The thing you would need to do is to add fiber rich foods such as leafy vegetables, fruits that can be eaten with peels, fibrous grains such as flax and bran to your diet. This will ensure that your stools become softer and pass out of your system more easily. It is equally important to cut out substances from your diet that will lead to hardening of your stools. These would be apples, bananas, excessive carbohydrates, bakery products and too much flour-based stuff.

In order to take care of bleeding and to help with the healing process, you can also apply a mixture of turmeric powder and clarified butter to your anus. This will provide miraculous healing to wounds in the area. Alternately, you can also use aloe vera gel for the same results. Witch hazel is another substance that is known to heal wounds quite quickly. You must also refrain from using toilet paper to clean up after a motion. Use water and your hands and wash instead. Toilet paper is abrasive in nature and can aggravate your injuries.

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