May 26, 2009

Treatment for Wound Staph Infection

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

The general problem with staph infections is that they have the ability to become resistant to antibiotics. This makes it very complicated and difficult to treat them effectively. If you are suffering from this particular ailment, which is also known as Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), then you will have to resort to medical assistance to heal your wound. Home based remedies can be helpful to a degree, but they may not always successfully cure you completely. The thing you need to concentrate on is increasing your immunity levels. This will help your body to fight the wound from inside. This is your best bet to recover fully, but please do remember that it will take time and a dedicated effort. You should immediately start taking a daily dosage of vitamin C in your diet. If possible, try to take a dose of Indian gooseberry. This is nature’s richest and most generous source of vitamin C and will help your body to fight the resistance it has developed towards healing. This can be purchased in shops that would generally sell nutritional supplements or natural herbal remedies. You should take the pills or capsules as per the dosage mentioned on the box or cover strip. Another excellent way to improve your immunity is to take a daily dosage of Echinacea. This is an herb which is generally known as the plant of immunity. It will help you very effectively in clearing up your infection as well.

Another important factor in your recovery is the surface of the wound. You should keep it clean and free of any residues. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean it on a daily basis. You should also topically apply a paste made with turmeric powder and clarified butter in order to help with the healing. Make this paste and keep it handy, and try to apply it as often as you can. Do not cover the wound with this paste on, as it is not required. Since the wound should be uncovered, the turmeric paste will keep falling off, which is why you need to keep reapplying it as well. Keep at this for about a week and you will see that the wound has more or less healed completely. If this does not happen, you can also make a paste of turmeric powder and commonly available garden lime powder, mixed with rose water. This will speed up the healing process a little more. Start drinking a hot glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder added.