May 26, 2009

Clogged Ear Sinus

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

A clogged ear due to any reason bears a medical examination. You are advised not to neglect this and get a medical opinion as soon as you possibly can on it. If you have already done this and the diagnosis is that your ear is blocked due to a cold, then you can take a few steps which will ensure that the ear opens up and you are free of the pain and discomfort. Sinus is the term commonly used to refer to the points on your face which run all around the nose and under the eyes. These are generally referred to as paranasal sinuses and there are none in the ear or around it. So if your ears are clogged, it cannot be due to sinuses, instead, it is mostly due to a cold. The remedies you would need to follow would be those to get rid of the mucus that has made its home inside your ear. One of the most impactful remedial measures you can use for this is to put a few drops of garlic juice in your ear. Try to do this in the morning as opposed to the night, because some people do not react well to this remedy. So if you find that your ear is burning or feeling uncomfortable after you put in the drops of garlic juice, you can at least take it out. In particular, if you have sensitive skin, it may burn, since the nature of garlic is quite hot.

You can also take facial steams to melt the mucus and help dissipate it. Use a facial steamer and turn your head so that your ear is facing the steam as opposed to the front of your face. This way, your ear will get a blast of steam and this will also provide it relief. You should also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the steam water for better effect and results. One thing you need to ensure is that you do not have an ear infection, as this cannot really be gotten rid of by simply using home remedies. You would probably need a proper course of antibiotics to rid yourself of the infection. Do not neglect this as it may have adverse effects. To help with curing an infection, you can also try to make a runny solution of garlic juice and turmeric powder and put this in your ear. The turmeric powder has anti septic properties which will help with healing.