May 26, 2009

Eye Swelling Causes

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

There a number of reasons why your eyes may swell up. The most common reason is allergies. The most well known allergy is pollen allergy, but you may be allergic to any substance in the environment. Dust allergy is common enough and if you are allergic to something and it touches your eye you may develop a swelling around this area. Something you have eaten that does not agree with you can also manifest itself into an allergy. One of the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction is swollen eyes accompanied by a runny nose. Sometimes even your tongue may swell up along with your eyes or your skin may break out in rashes. The best way to deal with swollen eyes due to an allergy would be to keep your eyes clean. Rinse your eyes with cold water continuously. Remove any residue that may have collected in the corners of your eyes or dried around your lashes. Try not to rub your eyes too much. In fact, try to avoid touching them altogether because even the slightest touch can aggravate your allergies.

You may also be suffering from puffy eyes, a condition where the areas around the eyes swell up. The area around the eyes is very sensitive and houses many capillaries and nerves. When the eyes are not rested enough these capillaries act up and may cause swelling. A good amount of sleep may be the best cure for puffy eyes. You may also slice cucumbers and place them over your closed eyes. Cucumber slices tend to have a cooling and relaxing effect on the eyes. You can also dip cotton pads in cool rosewater and apply them to your eyes. This is also very useful in providing relief. Apart from being tired, your eyes can get puffy due to a variety of other reasons. Hormonal changes in your body can cause puffy eyes, often during pregnancy. Water retention may also lead to puffy eyes. You may also get puffy eyes due to stress. If you oversleep continuously you may have persistent puffy eyes, just like when you don’t sleep enough. If you cry too much you could end up with puffy eyes. Crying due to stress sometimes leads to long periods of puffy eyes. Regular and excessive alcohol intake may give you puffy or swollen eyes. Dipping a tea bag in iced water and placing them over your eyes tends to relax the eyes. Try and limit the intake of sodium in your diet, this is especially helpful if you are prone to water retention. However if your puffy eyes continue you may need medical attention. Your caregiver may prescribe medication for your eyes if your condition requires it.