June 4, 2009

What Are The Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites In Humans?

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The commonly used term for intestinal parasites is stomach worms. This is one of the commonest types of ailments that people suffer from all over the world. In many cases, this condition goes ignored or undiagnosed. This is because the real number of the variety of intestinal parasites is unknown and barely 20 worms that can reside in the human body are identifiable. These too are so small and varied in appearance that they can hardly be detected with any accuracy. Parasites enter the body via sources such as food, water or skin. Sometimes, you can get intestinal parasites because they have the capacity to stick beneath the fingernails and then get ingested when eating food. If you have these worms, there are a handful of symptoms which will give it away. The first and most prominent one is diarrhea. Sometimes, people can emit watery stools up to 10 times a day or more for two to three days. This is a sure sign of stomach worms and cannot be ignored as it dehydrates the body and causes extreme fatigue. Make a solution of water and equal parts of salt and sugar and drink this a few times. This will stop you from getting dehydrated. Some worms can also end up constipating you, though these are really rare.

The other prominent symptom is bloating and pain of the stomach. Stomach worms can also eat away your good health, so you may also be experiencing lowered immunity, tiredness and fatigue. In some cases, you could also be eating more than normal, but still feeling low and constantly hungry. The cause for this is the parasite that is actually demanding the food from within and also eating it all up! You may also have other problems like bad breath, constant headaches; dark circles under the eyes, anemia, fever, weight loss, an inflammation of the rectum and inability to pass stools comfortably are all possible symptoms of stomach worms. A whole lot of symptoms also depend upon which worm is residing in your system. Hook worms cause various symptoms like dry hair and skin, dullness and loss of appetite. Pin worms can inflame the anus or pubic area while Whip worms can cause bloody stools and weight loss. The Round worm may cause a lack of appetite, stomach and eye aches and random rashes. The tape worm unfortunately rarely shows any symptoms. You may however, notice slight dizziness or weight loss. If you are unsure as to whether you have worms, it is better to visit a doctor and take the required tests to confirm the diagnosis.