Is there a natural remedy for parasites

Worms are really difficult to treat sometimes but a remedy for them is available with your local pharmacists. Parasites can cause a digestive problem or warning signs like chronic weariness, joint pain, constipation, poor immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, sticky stools, nutritional deficiencies, itching, nervousness, anemia, stomach cramps and pain and other conditions. If you don't want strong drugs to treat the parasites, natural medicine has a large range of medication and treatments to kill a parasite infestation-

  • Garlic and goldenseal are strong antiseptics which can be used to treat a worm infestation. But garlic has to be taken with caution in patients who are on anti-hypertensive medication. Please consult with your doctor before starting.
  • Wormwood is considered to very potent in killing of intestinal parasites but please be careful as concentrated worm wood is extremely dangerous. Again please consult with a trained naturopathic physician to prevent any side effects.
  • 25 gms. of pumpkin seed to be mixed with juice and taken early in the morning are really effective to treat intestinal worms. In fact the juice is a laxative so be close to a restroom for about two hours after taking in the juice.
  • The juice of unripe black walnuts is used to treat a parasite infection. Yuck taste but really famous ancient homes remedy to treat parasites.

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