Treatment of Intestinal Volvulus: Hi, I have recurring intestinal volvulus. Have had 3 surgeries so far to correct blockages. Question is, I am not quite sure if there is any special diets or anything that might minimize the chances of this occurring? Tha

Intestinal volvulus is basically a medical condition wherein a part of the small intestine tends to get twisted around itself which may even lead to cutting off the blood supply. In many cases, the treatment for intestinal volvulas will require an immediate surgery to be done to try and untwist the intestine and facilitate the flow of blood. Typically before and after going in for the surgery the individual may also be required to be on a special diet for intestinal volvulus.

Dietary recommendations for intestinal volvulus:

  • You will need to be on a diet that consists of small meals as against large ones. This is done in order to keep the digestive system at rest and also provide the body with the right amount of calories in order to keep it functioning.  
  • While suffering from intestinal volvulus and especially post surgery, you should also minimize your intake of fiber rich foods such as apples, nuts, broccoli, seeds and the like and instead consume foods that are bland. Strongly seasoned or spicy foods should be strictly avoided as they may interfere with the healing process of the intestine post surgery.
  • One of the common causes of intestinal volvulus seen in adults is constipation; hence along with the reduction in the intake of fiber it is also advisable to ensure that you consume plenty of fluids, especially fresh drinking water.
  • You should also be careful in terms of your diet if the intestinal volvulus condition is recurrent and the surgery involves removal of a portion of the intestine. This will require you to be on a lifelong electrolyte replacement treatment as you may not be able to absorb the required amount of minerals and vitamins through food.

The recurrence of Intestinal volvulus could be significantly minimized if you take the necessary dietary precautions as detailed above. Medical issues such as constipation if experienced should be immediately reported as they may cause the onset of intestinal volvulus.

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