June 23, 2010

Dealing with Panic Attack Disorder

Posted in Category : Depression

Stress is an inevitable part in today’s world and is experienced by practically every individual way too often. However, the way each individual deals with this stress is different. Some are very strong and do not give up easily whereas a few others get stressed out very easily. Panic attack is a rather common phenomenon where a person gets so overwhelmed by fear or anxiety that it causes an increase in adrenaline. This is experienced by at least one in twenty people where the severity of the attack ranges from mild to severe. Also the duration of these attacks vary considerably and can be anything from 15 seconds to an hour. Panic attack causes are mainly attributed to fear and anxiety that a person goes through and stress and panic attacks go hand in hand. Symptoms for stress panic attacks include shortness of breath, an increase in heartbeat, a stomach upset, pain in the chest or a feeling of tightness in the chest and so on.

Do not eat food that contains sugar and also stop consuming caffeinated drinks as coffee and nicotine are ingredients that are known to increase the panic attacks. Alcohol is also said to have a similar effect and thus, all these should be stopped completely. Try and talk to your family members about this problem that you are facing as this will help you in getting de stressed. Exercise is the best way to attack panic stress and you can do that by going for walks or jogs, doing yoga and meditation and so on. Exercise is very useful because it enables you to get rid of all the negative energy that you have and helps in thinking with a clear and positive mind. Massages are another great way to help you relax and you can also perform a few breathing exercises as they help you to calm down to a great extent and thus, reduce your chances of getting stress panic attacks. You can massage the throat and neck gently as that is also said to help. Aromatherapy is another method through which you can deal with panic attacks wherein you smell the aroma of various fragrances that help you to relax your body and mind. At the same time, you need to ensure that you eat a healthy diet along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle as that plays a crucial role in keeping a tab on the panic attacks.