Natural remedy for panic attack or anxiety

Inhale a lungful of pleasant aromas during a panic attack. If you are prone to panic attacks during the day, carry with a traveler's vial of aromatherapy essential oils to soothe those frayed nerves. This is basically the primary step in curbing a panic attack. One familiar odor that calms most attacks is the fragrance of baby powder.

Even the smells of fresh flowers, air freshly baked bread or confectionery is scientifically proven to relax the state of panic.

Instead of sitting a in particular place and hoping for the feeling of panic to subside, its best you take a brisk walk or move around in some manner. While doing so make a deliberate effort to slower down your breathing and take deep breaths. To take a deep breath, keep your chest and shoulders in a steady posture as you steadily inflate and tighten your stomach area.

An effective way to deflate the situation is to start counting backwards from 100. This helps to take your mind off the stressed situation and focus on something else altogether. A gentle massage on the back and neck can also help to relieve tensed muscles and impart rest to the entire body while helping the individual focus more clearly.

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