Home remedies for sleeping and eating disorder in children

The problem your son is facing sounds like it has some simple solutions to it. The first thing to tackle is his habit of eating poorly. Generally, poor eaters are typically poor sleepers as well. So you should start ensuring that your son eats properly and well. The solution may be that you might have to work a little harder than usual at ensuring that he eats well and properly. Try to make different types of food so that you can zero in on what he likes to eat. Give him more of that and your problem may just be solved. You can also try to give him small but rich snacks throughout the day. You could try to give him things like nuts and cheesy sandwiches. This may also show positive results. Once this has been done, you can actually try other things to tackle his sleep problem. Find out if he is disturbed or upset about something. This usually results in loss of sleep for children at his age, or even younger. If there is a situation which is not agreeable to him at home, or in school you should know about it and try to take steps to rectify it accordingly. It could also be that the bed, mattress or pillow he is using is unsuitable and need to be changed. Sometimes, things small and simple like these can make large differences.

The other way to tackle the problem of lack of sleep is to make sure that the child is tired enough to sleep at night. Sometimes, some children need extra stimulation to get them sufficiently tired out to sleep. Make your son join a sport or an activity that will keep him occupied physically. Try to make him join an early morning batch. Usually, any type of physical exercise done early in the morning results in tiring out your body throughout the day. So by the time you reach bedtime, you are about ready to drop. This is an excellent solution for those who find it difficult to sleep. Physical exhaustion will always result in a good night's sleep. If possible, make your son join a swimming class, or some game session, like tennis or squash. This will also help to stimulate his appetite, as exercise leads to more hunger. If you can do these few things successfully, then there will be no need to give him any kind of medication.

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